It’s finally here, seems almost unreal. Don’t know if this is an offshoot of Da illaz or what…but it’s here, finally! While working on illaz stuff, L.A.Z. was experimenting with a whole bunch of beats. I told him he should put out a little ep since Noveliss had already put out a few projects (check that out here)

Seemed like things were at a standstill. No Paperwork (It didn’t have a name then) seemed to me to be done. I had been making more beats lately…& gave him this beat (This is the first single for the project)

(If you want the instrumental then go here)

I didn’t really find out what was holding things up until later…ehhh I don’t even need to go into it haha I’m just thankful steam got underway & progress started up with the project again. I wasn’t sure if Da illaz stuff or this should of came out first.

Initially we were going to go about this completely by ourselves. EVERYTHING! I don’t know how L.A.Z. got linked up with Below Systems Records but seems like the right move. I can’t wait to visit the Netherlands haha!

Man I’m talking way too much soooooooo GO BUY THIS SHIT ALREADY! LINKS BELOW FOR EVERYTHING! I’m thankful I got to be in Detroit for this release with him. Thank you PK for being so supportive and understanding. I’m out!

– illa


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